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Tip Trucks


Tip trucks are used to hold and carry materials that need to be removed from a site, often to dumps or recycling plants. Materials may range from soil and vegetation waste through to rocks and demolition materials. The Coast2Coast team will be happy to advise you of tip fees in your area.

Tip Trucks are available in various sizes:
(Please note all specifications are provided as a guide only and may vary. For more detailed advice please contact the friendly team at Coast2Coast)

  • 6m3 single axel which carries approx. 9 tonnes
  • 10m3 dual axel which carries approx. 13 tonnes
  • 20m3 Truck and Dogs which carry approx. 25 tonnes
  • 20m3 semi tippers which carry approx. 25 tonnes

Things to consider before ordering your tip truck:

How many trucks do I need?
The number of tip trucks can make a huge difference to the time and cost of your project. You will need to assess what machinery you will use for loading the Tip Trucks and the amount and type of material you are loading.

How accessible is the site? 
Site access and the turning capability of the machinery you employ is too often overlooked! If you have limited access please give us a call with site measurements and we’ll do our very best to help you find the right machinery for the job. Contact our experienced team on 5537 4457 or use our online form, we will be happy to assist you in achieving the perfect combination of machinery and trucks to maximise the efficiency of your project.

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